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The massive bushfires sweeping across the country have shocked Australians in their size and ferociousness. Since the start of the 2019 fire season, a staggering 10 million hectares has been burned, with all states and territories impacted except the ACT. To put this into perspective, in total, the area burned is almost the size of England, which is 13 million hectares. 25 people have died, thousands of homes destroyed and an estimated 500 million wildlife were killed. The fires are still raging. There are predictions it probably won’t rain for another two months so there is nothing to stop these things, unless they run out of fuel. 

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100% of sales from this course will be donated to organisations that are helping those affected by the devastating bushfires that ravaged our beautiful country. 

In the 1st two weeks of sales (8th Jan - 22nd Jan 2020) we donated $12,950 to Foodbank NSW, Wildlife Victoria and Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal.

In the 2nd two weeks of sales (23rd Jan - 6th Feb 2020) we donated $2025 to the National Bushfire Disaster Appeal

In the 3rd two weeks of sales (7th Feb - 21st Feb 2020) we donated $450 to Vets for Compassion

Between the 22nd Feb - 30th April we donated  $1575 to Foodbank Victoria

For the month of May we donated $475 to Foodbank Victoria


 For the next month, all money raised will go to Foodbank Victoria
For more information about other organisations and bushfire appeals you can donate to, please click here


    DTC Cake Sizing & Serving System


    This DTC mini course has been extracted from our upcoming 'DTC Complete Baking System' online course which will include 12+ DTC cake recipes.

    What you'll learn in this mini course:

    • The complete DTC standardised cake sizing system and how to create your own system to suit your kitchen and needs. Maximum efficiency guaranteed
    • The complete DTC cake cutting guide for round and square cakes from 4 inches to 12 inches
    • DTC serving number charts for single, skyscraper, two/three/four tiers cakes for both round and square.

    The DTC Approach

    As with all DTC methods, efficiency is key and how we manage our serving options is no different. There is simply no time to waste doing something you don’t need to. The guides contained in this course are invaluable however, remember that at the end of the day, you have to do what makes sense to YOU so take the whole DTC system and implement it or use it as a guide to develop your own. The choice is yours. 

    If you have any questions along the way, please use the comment sections pithing the course to ask away.

    We're sure this course can help you simplify your processes and in turn, your life.


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