The DTC Online School officially launched on October 31st, 2017 and since has enrolled over 6000 students across the globe. 

The school aims to provide students all over the world with a platform from which they can learn, interact and be inspired by anything cake & design related. DTC students come from every country you can think of: the USA, UK, Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, Brazil, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia etc. Despite the geographical and time zone differences they all have one thing in common: passion for contemporary cake design.



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How it Works

We've not only survived but thrived in the six years of being in the designer cake business.  We've made all the mistakes, done all the research, trialled all the methods and cried all the tears. And now we're passing on all the information to you! This is how we do things at DTC and these are our tried and tested recipes and processes that have helped us explode into the buttercream cake world and become leaders in the industry.

Keeping true to DTC's signature style and approach, the online courses' method of delivery is straight-to-the-point. Each online course contains detailed videos and written materials designed to be used together. The videos are clean and professionally-shot with accompanying texts. There is no instructor speaking to the camera here as we find this can take up time unnecessarily. All you will see in the videos are only what you need to see, completely stripped off from jargons.

Think of our online courses as a super detailed text book with accompanying explainer videos. Utilising both sources guarantees that you will get the most out of the valuable knowledge presented. 


Don't Tell Charles Student Group

Don't Tell Charles is a community so naturally, it doesn't end with just these online courses. DTC students are actively connecting everyday in our exclusive Don't Tell Charles Student Facebook Group. This is a buzzing hub for like minded bakers/cakers from all over the world to share inspirations, tips and words of encouragement. We've even organised a DTC Student Meet Up in Melbourne recently and are looking to host more meetups in the future.  Once you're enrolled in either a physical workshop or online course, don't forget to join in the fun!


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