Our students don’t just want to make delicious cakes. They want to make art.



About Us

Don't Tell Charles is a contemporary designer cake school & studio located in Kensington, Victoria. Known for our avant-garde and impactful designs, it's never just cakes for us. We are motivated by our love for design in all its forms including architecture, interiors, fine art, food and fashion. Our work seeks to challenge the status quo. We aim to explore and push the boundaries between where one design field ends and another begins. Our students aren't just cake makers. They are cake designers. They are artists.



Our Story 

We started as a small specialty coffee and dessert house in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. The first day we opened our doors, rain poured heavily outside. Not a single soul walked by. Inside the warm, cosy cafe our spirits were as high as ever despite the extreme lack of sleep. Six years on, we are still in that same quiet spot, in the middle of a residential pocket in Kensington, Victoria. We are still lacking sleep. Don't Tell Charles however, is no longer a small specialty coffee & dessert house. Read on to learn about our journey, how we got here, and where we're heading. 




We're a huge fan of beautiful photography so naturally Instagram is where you'll find us.  Connect with us to see our latest work. 

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