Frequently Asked Questions

Physical Workshops

When will 2020 workshop dates be released?

There won't be physical workshops for the first half of 2020 as our instructor and founder, Thao Armstrong, is on maternity leave. Please subscribe to our mailing list here to be the first to hear about new dates.

What is considered beginner skill level?

This means that you have not completed any of our workshops and have little experience with cake decorating tools and techniques. We recommend that you start with our Buttercream Mastery (formerly Buttercream Basics) workshop.

What is considered intermediate skill level?

This means that you have either completed our Buttercream Mastery (formerly Buttercream Basics) workshop or have had reasonable experience and practice with basic cake decorating tools such as the turntable, offset spatulas, scraper, piping bag etc. If you have made more than 10 buttercream cakes, you will be fine.

Will the classes cover cake baking?

Buttercream Mastery - Yes, cake baking theory is covered in this beginner workshop. However, you will not be baking a cake in this workshop. 

Abstract Concrete & Two-tone Concrete - No, as these are intermediate workshops focusing on cake decorating components only. 

In all physical DTC workshops,  you will be working with pre-baked DTC vanilla and chocolate cakes and will receive either the cake recipes which you can try at home.

Are these hands-on workshops?

Absolutely. In fact, it is so hands-on that the instructor will literally hold your hand to show you the correct grip, pressure and angle.

Where are the workshops held?

Don’t Tell Charles, B1/70 Speakmen Street, Kensington VIC 3031.

Is there parking on the premise?

Yes there is free all day street parking.

I am flying in from interstate/overseas, can I take the cake back with me?

You will be provided with a cardboard box to package your cake. This box can fit in the overhead compartment of a plane and 90% of interstate students have successfully transported their cake this way. However, sometimes the cardboard box isn’t sturdy enough to survive security screenings and the cake may be damaged. We can help you cut up the cake prior to leaving the studio.

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