Buttercream Cake Mastery


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The Complete Buttercream Cake System That Will Empower You To Accomplish What You’ve Always Thought Was Undoable.

We show you how to take charge in your own cake kitchen and in turns take charge of your creative freedom.

For a limited time only – 3 bonus modules worth $518 that will completely unleash your creative power.



In this course we show you from start to finish the complete buttercream cake system that WE USE in our own successful designer cake business. This system focuses on mastering efficiency and maximising your time’s worth in order for you to thrive while delivering supreme quality work.

No more baking at 2am while the kids are asleep, icing a cake between lunch and school pick ups or pulling your hair out crying on the floor because your cake collapses an hour before it’s due.

Our complete buttercream cake system is designed to make your life EASIER. This system includes:

  • The complete baking system from start to finish, including our famous 6 ingredient DTC Vanilla Cake Recipe that can also be used for cupcakes and baked donuts.
  • The complete buttercream system from start to finish, including everything you need to know about buttercream, our famous DTC Buttercream Recipe, filling, stacking, icing the perfect buttercream cake & achieving sharp buttercream edges.
  • The complete cake decorating system from start to finish, including contemporary buttercream finishes, stacking tiers, working with mediums such as chocolate, edible gold leaf and fresh flowers.

These systems are specifically set up to support each other. In order to achieve the best result, a cohesive system is paramount. What you do at one stage can significantly alter the result you’re able to achieve in another stage of the caking process.





This is not about creating just one cake or acquiring a popular, highly-reviewed cake recipe or buttercream recipe.

Besides the unique recipes and techniques, this course is about teaching you how to manage your processes and systems. It is about equipping yourself with the correct tools and foundation so that you can have the confidence to unleash your creativity.

Do not let the cake game take control over your life in the name of passion. Your goal here is to do what you love and THRIVE.


  • Created and delivered by 

    Thao Armstrong

    , an international pioneer and leader in the contemporary buttercream cake space
  • There is no fluff here. Unlike other online cake decorating courses which focus heavily on long-winded videos, efficiency is key for us which is why in this course, you won’t have to sit through hours and hours of boring videos

  • ANYONE can do it! The whole system is designed to make your life EASIER and each module are designed to be EASY to follow and action

  • Packed with time-saving processes. You won’t get as many useful charts, tables and systems from any other buttercream cake courses

  • Access the course from anywhere in the world on any smart device such as your computer, smart phones and tablets

  • Lifetime access to your course means you can refer back to it over and over again

  • Unparalleled support from Thao herself and the DTC team – you can ask questions at any time within any module of the course, through the exclusive DTC Student Facebook Group, via email or social channels

  • You decide - there’s no deadline or cut-off date. You decide when you start. Work at your own pace, in your own time




      Anyone who values their time and creative worth.

      If you’re looking to

      • establish a clearer direction with your passion for buttercream cake making
      • grow your confidence as an artist or business owner
      • restore balance to your crazy buttercream cake life
      • unleash your creative power and THRIVE

      Then this course is for you.


      Course Modules in more details:

      1. Cake Baking - The Baking System That Will Cut Your Time In The Kitchen In Half!

        • Time management: how to plan your cake week for efficiency
        • Our recommended product and supplier list
        • Baking fundamentals: everything you need to know in order to bake a moist cake that rises TALL and evenly. No burnt sides or messy trimmings here. Cut out crumb coating altogether. YAY! 
        • *Bonus* Famous DTC Vanilla Cake Recipe!  The EASIEST, most DELICIOUS and STABLE vanilla cake you'll ever need to make. With only SIX simple ingredients (eggs, sugar, thickened cream, plain flour, baking powder & vanilla), this vanilla cake is the perfect balance between a mud and a sponge cake, not too heavily dense but not too light either making it the perfect building block for buttercream cakes. You can also use the exact same recipe to make cupcakes AND baked donuts. Score!
        • *Bonus* DTC Batter Chart. This chart tells you exactly how much batter you need for each cake size to maximise consistency. It will also help you quickly work out how much of each ingredient you need however many cakes you're baking. No guessing and wasting time here. PLUS our formula for converting batter to different size tins for any cake recipe
        • *Bonus* DTC recipe Chart. Got a different size stand-mixer to the one we use? No problem, this chart will give you the recipes for different stand-mixer bowl capacities

        2. DTC Buttercream - How To Make Buttercream So Delicious Your Cake Will Be Gone In Seconds

        • Buttercream fundamentals: why buttercream should never be feared but taken advantage of because of its simplicity and versatility 
        • The integral role of each ingredient. Did you know that temperature is one of the most important ‘ingredient’ when it comes to buttercream? We show you how to judge and manipulate your buttercream to your needs using temperature.
        • *Bonus* DTC Buttercream Recipe! The SILKIEST, most DELICIOUS buttercream that is SO EASY to make. Sturdy enough to hold your cake together and smooth enough to be eaten with a spoon. *This buttercream uses whole eggs 
        • *Bonus* DTC Buttercream Flavour Variation Recipes. Think Chocolate, Cookies n Cream, tea infusions, brown sugar and many more
        • *Bonus* DTC Buttercream Quantity Chart. This chart will tell you exactly how much buttercream you'll need to fill and cover EVERY round cake size

          3. Smooth Sides & Sharp Edges - Create Buttercream Cakes So Flawless You'll Be Gaining Clients and Fans overnight!

          • How to achieve the tallest and straightest cake, just by using your tools correctly. No need for acrylic disks here 
          • How to achieve the smoothest, most flawless buttercream cake just by understand the role of temperatures
          • How to get razor sharp edges in just two minutes!
          • We use a couple of very simple techniques here and the results will have you feeling confident with every single cake you make in the future


          4. Concrete Buttercream Finish - Create Modern, Architectural Pieces Of Art That Are Totally Edible!

          • How to achieve the innovative concrete buttercream finish in under 2 minutes that has over 230,000 people in a cake frenzy on social media
          • Learn the versatility of the concrete design from the creator themselves. Yes, the Concrete Cake began with DTC!



              *BONUS MODULES*

              5. Conquering Square Cakes - Produce Square Cakes So Sleek That They'll Be Mistaken For a Real Concrete Block!

              A whole 30 minutes of extra videos and added written materials to help you tackle the nightmare that is a square cake! Come out the other side with razor sharp edges and most importantly, ALIVE. You'll be crowned the Buttercream Master after you conquer this module!

              6. Contemporary Chocolate Decorations - Decorate Your Cake For Success Using Chocolate.

              Now we weren't going to let your beautiful designer concrete cakes go without a fitting adornment. This module will show you many ways chocolate can be used to create stunning, contemporary decoration pieces, including: 

              • Tempering chocolate with zero mess
              • How to create stunning metallic and marbled chocolate sails 
              • How to make various fun and innovative chocolate shapes
              • Dos & Don'ts in colouring chocolate. Products and brands we use and how we use them  
              • Assembly and storage tips that will save you hours of fiddling around


              7. Two Tier Watercolour Cake - Take Your Cake Game A Few Levels Higher And Unleash Your Creative Power!

              • Create edible art with our Watercolour Buttercream techniques. In this module, we show you two techniques: the partial watercolour finish and the full watercolour finish. Once mastered, the sky's the limit!
              • Tiered cake fundamentals: there are a few things to remember when it comes to making skyscraper cakes, tiered cakes and especially tall tiered cakes. We show you how we do it, without a central dowel. There's only so much you can do when it comes to stacking tiers. It's the building blocks that makes a difference.
              • Working with fresh flowers and edible gold leaf as cake decorations. 




              Our Approach to Teaching

              We take efficiency VERY seriously, so you won't find any fluff here. This course is designed to save you valuable time which is why you won't have to sit through hours and hours of boring videos.

              The course curriculum includes detailed written materials and videos for each module. The written materials contain step by step instructions, explanations, useful charts & illustrations and lots of valuable tips. The videos act as complimentary materials to further illustrate our process. Think of it as a very detailed text book with explainer videos.

              In the videos, Thao does not speak to the camera. There are no jargons, no awkward chats or unnecessary time wasters  - just straight to the point and visually stunning instructions. This makes referring back to the videos extremely easy as you won't have to scrub through hours of video to find what you're looking for. 




              Unparalleled Support

              A detailed FAQ will help guide you through any troubleshooting issues. Furthermore, each module contains a comment section where you can interact with the instructor and ask as many questions as you'd like. You'll be supported all the way through your journey with this course. We got ya!

              After enrolment, don't forget to join our exclusive Don't Tell Charles Student Facebook Group! This group consists of DTC students from all over the world who are actively connecting & inspiring everyday. We're also available via email and our social channels so you are guaranteed to reach a real human no matter what your method of communication.


              7 Day Money Back Guarantee

              The DTC team has worked extremely hard to ensure that all our recipes are super easy and delicious, and our methods greatly reduce your time in the kitchen! Go through the extensive written materials, watch the detailed videos and discover all our cake making secrets. If you have any problems at all, simply ask questions directly via the comment sections within the course and your instructor will help you resolve them. And if for some strange reason you still aren’t completely satisfied with the content of the course, send us an email within 7 days of purchasing the course and we will give you your money back. 


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