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Ever wondered how on Earth you can make caramel thicker? How do you stop the caramel from continuing to drip the entire length of the cake into a puddle on the cake board?

The trick is extremely simple! We add an extra ingredient to the usual sugar, salt and water.

In addition, learn how to make our delicious DTC salted caramel buttercream. Promise you won't stop licking the spoon or better yet eat the whole batch!

DTC Salted Caramel can be used as cake fillings, drips, dessert tart fillings, drizzles over ice cream/crepes/pancakes etc.

DTC Salted Caramel Buttercream as be used as cake fillings, piped on cupcakes, sandwiched between cookies etc.





This course will cover:

  • How to make our DTC salted caramel recipe, suitable to use for drips and fillings. There's one common ingredient that will make your caramel thick and gooey enough to hold its shape.
  • How to make the most delicious salted caramel buttercream, the DTC way.
  • How to drip a cake with salted caramel. Stop that caramel from dripping all the way down onto the cake board!
  • Many tips and tricks


What our students say:

'Just wanted to tell you that I made the caramel and it turned out AMAZING. I have never succeeded with caramel before and yours is just perfect.' Erinn Simon

'Came out perfect! The most delicious buttercream ever!!' Carla Qintero

'Perfect as always Thao. Thank you! Now I just need to work on my knuckle whacking technique to keep my husband from eating it all.' Lauren Glass

'Best salted caramel ever. I have tried it 4 times and it doesn't fail. Thanks Thao you are the best teacher I'm glad I chose you.' Abby Babalola


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Our Approach to Teaching

We take efficiency VERY seriously, so you won't find any fluff here. This course is designed to save you valuable time which is why you won't have to sit through hours and hours of boring videos.

The course curriculum includes detailed written materials and videos for each module. The written materials contain step by step instructions, explanations, useful charts & illustrations and lots of valuable tips. The videos act as complimentary materials to further illustrate our process. Think of it as a very detailed text book with explainer videos.

In the videos, Thao does not speak to the camera. There are no jargons, no awkward chats or unnecessary time wasters  - just straight to the point and visually stunning instructions. This makes referring back to the videos extremely easy as you won't have to scrub through hours of video to find what you're looking for. 


Unparalleled Support

A detailed FAQ will help guide you through any troubleshooting issues. Furthermore, each module contains a comment section where you can interact with the instructor and ask as many questions as you'd like. You'll be supported all the way through your journey with this course. We got ya!

After enrolment, don't forget to join our exclusive Don't Tell Charles Student Facebook Group! This group consists of DTC students from all over the world who are actively connecting & inspiring everyday. We're also available via email and our social channels so you are guaranteed to reach a real human no matter what your method of communication.


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