Isomalt Decorations


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Want to get your hands onto isomalt decorations but not sure where to start?

Then this course is just the thing you need. Isomalt can be tricky when it comes to storage but it is a lot of fun. It's not as scary as you think either. This course isn't so much about technique as it is about showcasing the versatility of isomalt and the many ways you can have fun with it!




In this online course you will learn how to prepare and work with isomalt to achieve various shapes including:

1. Pulled Isomalt

Elegant isomalt pieces that are stunning on their own or magical when paired with chocolate sails. Make them clear or opaque, the choice is yours.

2. DTC Isomalt Bowl Sails

The DTC Bowl Sail is quite iconic, and when it's made with isomalt it is a bold statement! You will be shown how to make the bowl sail in block colours as well as multi-colours.

3. Isomalt shards

An easy way to use up left over isomalt for a fun, textured finish.

4. *Bonus Module* Isomalt Shapes Pictorial 

This is a bonus module, just because there is simply never enough ways to have fun with isomalt!



How it works

The course curriculum includes detailed written materials and videos for each module. Think of it as a very detailed text book with explainer videos. 

In the videos, the instructor does not speak to the camera. There are no jargons, no unnecessary chats - just straight to the point and visually stunning instructions. This makes referring back to the videos extremely easy as you won't have to scrub through hours of video to find what you're looking for. The written materials will also have everything you need. 

A detailed FAQ will help guide you through any troubleshooting issues. Furthermore, each module contains a comment section where you can interact with the instructor and ask as many questions as you'd like. You'll be supported all the way through your journey with this course. We got ya!

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48-HR Money Back Guarantee

The DTC team has worked extremely hard to ensure that all our recipes are super easy and delicious, and our methods greatly reduce your time in the kitchen! However, we understand that everyone's approach to learning is different which is why we're giving you FREE 48-hour access to our course to explore. Go through the extensive materials, watch the detailed videos and discover all our secrets. If you still think that this course isn't right for you, send us an email within 48 hours of your purchase and we will refund your money. 


Available: In stock